Week 5- Draft: Demented & Dated

This is a revisited version of my previously posted pitch.

RE: Story Outline: Demented & Dated

Hook: 124 year old abandoned insane asylum sits and rots while the town around it thrives. A majority of Central state hospital in Milledgeville now sits stalemate, untouched, giving the impression that everyone left in a sudden hurry. But why? What is being done with this land and all of the builds? Are there plans of renovation?



  • Why is the asylum sitting untouched?
  • What happened there that made it close down?
  • Why haven’t the building been renovated or torn down and the space made use of for something else?
  • If there is someone or a group of people in charge of renovating it, who are they?
    • Who is the Central State Redevelopment Authority?
    • When were they established?
    • Who were they established by?
    • What are their goals?
    • What are their plans of action?
    • In what ways are they going about doing it?
    • Who is presently on the board?
    • How many volunteers are there?

Opinion: I find the grounds of the insane asylum intriguing. I won’t lie, Ive done my fair share of snooping around and driving through. But I always ask myself the same question, not only about the asylum but also about the men’s prison that is in close quarters to it, and that question is, what happened? Why is this land not being put to use? My grandfather went to Georgia Military College and during his time there, he held a position at Central State Hospital as a repair man. I have often talked to him about it, which I think is where my curiosity mainly comes from. My opinion is that if the space is not going to be renovated and made into a new mental hospital, then it should all of the buildings (since most of them are collapsing anyway) should be torn down and the space used for something useful, like maybe another area for the college to use or a new normal hospital. I just feel like there needs to be something done with the land, since a majority of it is just sitting abandoned.

Balance: This story will be balanced with a good amount of primary sources, direct documents as well as human sources, while reporting the facts that tell the story and the situation of the asylum instead of my opinion.

Emotional connections: The emotional connection from this story proceeds itself. Horror, curiously, angst, sadness and maybe even disgust are a few emotions that may come to mind when mentioning Central State itself, much less the state it is in now. The emotional connection I really hope to show readers is one that will come from the people who want to renovate the property, and their passions behind doing so.

Readers & Relevance: At a local stand point, it will not be hard for this story to grab readers attention. Everyone in and around the Baldwin County area know about Central State and are intrigued by the secrets it holds. On national level, I do not think it would be as relevant, unless people have heard the stories about it.

Outline portion for Draft:

1) I plan to background the Central State Hospital (CSH) Local Redevelopment Authority in order to answer the series of interesting questions surrounding Central State. The CSH makes an impact on the community because Central State is what Milledgeville is known for, so the redevelopment impacts the town itself.

2) I intend to find out information such as the previous questions I stated above. I want to expose who the (CSH) Local Redevelopment Authority is and to show the community that Central State is under redevelopment and in doing so raise awareness about what is actually happening out there.

3) I plan to look for a great deal of this information in my previously stated sources, mostly on the CSH Local Redevelopment Authority website, which is surprisingly informative. I want to use their meeting agendas and minutes for primary documents and public records, as well as the historic documents about the property. I also want to use other articles that have been written about CHS (some of which I have listed in my sources above) for my secondary sources, they have been helpful in that they put a lot of useful information in one place. As for human sources, I would like to interview some of the board members as well some of the volunteers.


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